Maud Faassen, 1999 NL

Maud Faassen’s work revolves around their presence in reality. This presence is captured in performances and installations which are made out of natural elements. Their work involves subjects such as: connection, legacy, transience, human traces and the presence of time.

Maud sees their art practice as a conversation where sometimes Maud is communicating and otherwise they try to listen to the communication of this reality.

This conversation is best formed through natural materials because those materials are the least influenced by others and the most true to the world around us. They will also bring a will, proces and voice of their own.

This conversation is based on equality. This means a respect for this reality and the world within it. This respect is formed through the transient nature of Maud’s work. With this transiency there is nothing forced upon this reality. It is all formed with softness and empathy. And when this reality had had enough of it. It can all go when it wants to.


Art collective: KWARK
Founded in november 2018

Apprentice Master Project 2020/2021
Kunstpodium T, Tilburg


30/1 – 20/2 Group show: Apprentice Master #2, de Omstand (arnhem), The Netherlands
23/4 – 24/4 Duo show: at Platform LivingRoom (Rotterdam), The Netherlands
26/10 – 15/11 Residency: WitteRook (Breda), The Netherlands


– Duo show: Unfolding Time, museum van alle tijden (Beugen), The Netherlands
– Performance: We build a Wall, KOP (Breda), The Netherlands
– Group show: Under pressure, a non-graduation show, De melkfabiek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
– Residency: AnnAtopia, Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands

– Group show: Kruisbestuiving Eindhoven, The Netherlands


2016-2019 Fine Arts and Education (no diploma)
At Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts